Bohyme Weave Closure - 12"
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Bohyme Weave Closure - 12"

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Bohyme Mono Top Weave Closure - 12"

The Straight Closure is one of the best and most convenient ways to create versatile looks, protect the hairline from damage and add fullness to the top area of the scalp and crown. Straight Closures are made with 100% Remi™ human hair that provide a natural looking part. We use only high quality hair and materials to ensure comfort and a realistic look.  Each closure is guaranteed to blend and part with the rest of the hair to aid in styling. Styling Tips: This closure can be used as a side part, on the crown, to cover thin areas, or to create bangs.

The Straight Closure delivers manageable, soft straight hair with a slight hint of bend. 

o   Base measures 3.5" side to side x 4.5" front to back

o   Natural, adjustable part line

o   Curling/flat iron friendly

o   100% Remi™ Human Hair

o   Closure is handcrafted

o   Skin like base with elite 100% Remi™ Human Hair

o   Durable – soft – comfortable - breathable - oval shape skin-like mono base

Available Length: 12"

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