Lilybelle Salon Sampler Package

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One box containing all of our most popular retail products:

- 5X Bright coloured single clip in hair extensions - a $30 retail value

- 25X Bright pre-looped tips (5 each of 5 most popular colours) - $25 value
- 3X 3 feather extensions - $21 value
- 3X 5 feather extensions - $30 value
- 3X 7 feather extensions - $42 value
- 1X pliers, pulling tool and feather extension rings
- 1X stack of  Lilybelle Locks business cards

This $150+ package, this can be purchased for only $99 and is a great way to get started with a splash of colour to attract those last minute sales!  As this is meant to display our full range of products, no substitutions can be made on this package. 

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